Durham Chiropractor Welcomes Dr. Isenberg!

Posted by on August 3, 2020

We are so happy to announce the addition of Dr. Danielle Isenberg to our team here at Complete Chiropractic.

Dr. Isenberg is a recent graduate of Logan University’s Chiropractic program, and can not wait to meet everyone and begin to serve the Durham community.

Since she was a young girl, Dr. Isenberg knew that she wanted to help those in need and in pain. Dr. Isenberg’s inspiration to enter the chiropractic field came from an injury during her softball career in high school.

During her junior year of college she was introduced to Logan University and instantly felt a connection, she could not wait to move to St. Louis and get started soon enough. At Logan, Dr. Isenberg continued her extracurricular achievements by becoming her Class President, Student Ambassador and a member of the Logan Softball team. Dr. Isenberg graduated Logan University in 2019 with a Masters in Sports and Rehabilitation as well as earning her Doctorate of Chiropractic in 2020.

Many patients (and medical doctors) ask us about chiropractic education. There is much confusion out there on this topic.

We once had a specialist call the office and ask to tell him about our practice. His nurse was a patient and raved about us so much, he was curious. His was told in medical school that chiropractic school was six months long. When we explained the truth, he was flabbergasted. Once he was “educated” he and his partners have referred several patients to us.

Chiropractic education includes an undergraduate degree. Like medical or dental school it is usually in one of the sciences but can be any major as long as all the biology, anatomy, chemistry and physics courses are completed.

Chiropractic school is a total of 4,485 hours vs. Medical school's 4,248 hours.

The difference in chiropractic education is chiropractors have more education in neurology, radiology, anatomy, orthopedics, and diagnosis.

Medical doctors have more hours in pharmacology and surgery while we are heavily educated in adjusting techniques, nutrition, exercise and physical therapy, advanced imaging, stress reduction, and sleep.

You can see that Chiropractors are highly educated in finding solutions to your symptoms. We fix your body and respond to what it needs to heal itself. We are taught that the body CAN heal naturally when it’s in alignment.

Dr. Danielle Isenberg will begin seeing patients beginning September 15, 2020! Stop in and meet her- we can’t wait for her to meet all of you!

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