New Patient Paperwork

Let us start by saying welcome to Complete Chiropractic Sports & Wellness! We know paperwork can be a pain. No one likes doing it! It can be especially inconvenient if it is holding you up from getting your appointment started. For your convenience we have made our Chiropractic new patient forms available to fill out and submit online.

For the remainder our of forms, you can download the forms you need, print it out, fill in the form, and bring it into the office with you for your first appointment. We take many steps to make sure your visit is as easy and enjoyable as possible. Eliminating waiting room paperwork is just one of them!

Chiropractic New Patient Forms

Step 1:

Prior to your appointment, please select the appropriate link below to complete and submit the new patient forms.

Chiropractic New Patient Form

Personal Injury New Patient Form

Additional Forms

Step 2: (Chiropractic New Patients ONLY)

Prior to your Chiropractic appointment, please print and complete the below forms as well as completing STEP 1.

HIPAA Privacy Practices

Cancellation Policy


Step 3:

Medicare patients, please print and complete the below forms as well as the new patient form via the link in STEP 1.

Medicare Advance Written Notice of Non-Coverage

Other Services

Cryotherapy New Patient Form

Functional Medicine New Patient Form

Massage Therapy New Patient Form

ROLF New Patient Form

Yoga Therapy New Patient Form