Nutritional Supplements




Most people do not realize that your gut is responsible for 80% of your immunity. Probiotics play a major role in maintaining and improving the health of your immune system. It is great for mental health, your immune system and digestive tract. It is known to improve calcium absorption and enhance vitamin B synthesis. It also greatly decreases your chances of many psychological and physiological diseases. This helps support and nourish the “good” bacteria in your gut. Your health starts here, and if your digestive tract is impaired so is your ability to absorb the remainder of the listed supplements and/or anything you ingest. Therefore, we highly recommend starting with a probiotic supplement.


Research shows 60% of Americans are deficient in omega 3 fish oils. They are known to help reduce inflammation, promote heart health, increase energy levels, help decrease obesity, support your immune and nervous system, and also help promote healthy birthing and women.


As you age your body’s ability to produce Co-Q10 dimishes.This supplement is known to prevent premature aging, increase heart health, fight off free radicals, produce more energy for you cells, support your nervous system, and help maintain a healthy blood pressure. It has also been shown to prevent migraines and/or reduce the severity of them.


Probably the most important vitamin we know. Known to drastically increase strength of your immune system, decrease the risk of skin cancer, ease menstral cramps, decrease inflammation, rejuvenates eye health, and increase fertility. Known to help prevent cancer , heart disease, multiple sclerosis, depression, hypertension and much more. Everyone can benefit greatly from Vitamin D3.


This super anti-oxidant is known to increase skin and hair health, improve eye health and acts as a huge antioxidant for decreasing inflammation. It is also known to help fight aging, boost physical perfermance and support joint and skeletal health. Tremendously more powerful than Vitamin E and  CoQ10. Take 4mg per day.


The only known supplement to reproduce mitochondria in the cell, which is responsible for producing ATP (our energy source). Also a great antioxidant and helps to slow the aging process.


All multivitamins are not created equally so it is important that you choose quality supplements. This supplement can help in promoting optimal health and help your immune system protect against many of today’s health concerns.


The highly researched green algae is a huge heavy metal detoxifier. Our population is exposed to many heavy metals everyday throughout the country and can cause many diseases. This supplement may help prevent or treat insulin resistance, diabetes, fibromyalgia, liver cancer and anemia. It also cleanses your bowel, protects your liver, eases acute stress, eliminates bad breath, and helps promote clean blood.


It is known to support joint health and relieve symptoms of osteoarthritis. Although research shows it is only good in chronic cases.


Up to 80% of Americans are deficient in this mineral. Studies have shown this is great for reducing muscle cramping, lowering your blood pressure, promoting muscle recovery, assists in digestion, and helps reduce headaches. It also has been shown to reduce the risk of sudden cardiac death.

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